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How to Self-Soothe

How to Self-Soothe Self-soothing strategies help us cope with overwhelming and intense emotions. These techniques soothe the mind and body when in a state of distress, which can make them especially helpful for coping with mental health problems or mental illnesses, in particular Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) episodes. Self-soothing techniques are also helpful for anxiety… Continue reading How to Self-Soothe

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Living with Borderline Personality Disorder: Journal Prompts

With the lifestyle changes I’ve had to make to take better care of my mental health, the life I was living a couple of years ago seems worlds away from where I’m at now. From living with a diagnosis, to living with breakdowns, medication and living an alcohol-free lifestyle, you can read all about my personal experiences of living with BPD in this insightful journal.

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Writing for Advocacy: Getting Started

Over the last few years, I have noticed more and more people and organisations speaking out about mental health and mental illness, with a huge part of this movement being online. Before starting my blog, I loved reading various blogs and articles confronting these issues, but never imagined myself actually writing one. I had previously… Continue reading Writing for Advocacy: Getting Started