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What Does Recovery From BPD Look Like? [Real BPD Recovery Story]

So to start with, again I'd like to make it clear that this journal is just that - a journal. As with my previous entries, I'm here to share what's true for me and my recovery, not to provide medical advice. Just a girl sharing her thoughts into the void in the hope that it… Continue reading What Does Recovery From BPD Look Like? [Real BPD Recovery Story]

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The Ultimate Guide To Journaling For Mental Health

I strongly believe that journaling can be an incredible tool to help just about anyone stay on top of their mental health and wellbeing. In fact, my journal is like my own personal life-bible and I do not know how I would cope without it. That’s why I put together this ultimate guide to journaling for mental health - so that I can share everything I’ve learnt on my mental health journaling journey so far with you guys and hopefully spark some positivity for you too. Read more today.

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Living with Borderline Personality Disorder: Journal Prompts

With the lifestyle changes I’ve had to make to take better care of my mental health, the life I was living a couple of years ago seems worlds away from where I’m at now. From living with a diagnosis, to living with breakdowns, medication and living an alcohol-free lifestyle, you can read all about my personal experiences of living with BPD in this insightful journal.

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My Overwhelming Reality of BPD

I may have learnt (and written about!) many techniques and strategies to manage my personality disorder, but that doesn’t mean that I’m magically healed. In reality, it affects me constantly. Because of my frequently shifting and intense moods, and a tendency to mask or mirror the mood of who I’m with, it can be really… Continue reading My Overwhelming Reality of BPD

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The Relationship Between Alcohol and Mental Health

Guest post by James Rogan (DRYSOCIETY) This post is something I’ve wanted to do for a couple of months now. So when Lizzie messaged me on Instagram and asked about doing a post swap for our blogs it felt like a good fit!  In this post, I’m going to share my own experience on my… Continue reading The Relationship Between Alcohol and Mental Health