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7 End-of-Year Journal Prompts & Questions For Reflection

7 End-of-Year Journal Prompts & Questions For Reflection

When the end of the year is looming, it can be a great time to do some reflective journaling. I have found it extremely useful for my mental health to use certain end-of-year journal prompts or questions for reflection to help me take a closer look at the last year, and figure out what I can learn and leave behind as the new year comes around.

You can use these prompts by simply thinking over them and seeing what comes up, or even better, use a journal to really dive into each of these questions, being as honest and open with yourself as you can. Sometimes a structured plan like this can help us target the key points that are vital to our mental health and learn from them, ready for a new year.

Here are my favourite end-of-year journaling prompts for reflection and release. I hope you find them helpful!

1. How have things changed in my life since this time last year?

2. What have I achieved this year? List everything you can think of – big and small.

3. What have my main challenges been this year?

4. How have I dealt with the challenges I’ve faced this year?

5. How could I improve my coping strategies and reactions next year?

6. What have I learnt this year?

7. What are 3 things I’d like to let go of ahead of the new year?

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