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The Ultimate Guide To Journaling For Mental Health

I strongly believe that journaling can be an incredible tool to help just about anyone stay on top of their mental health and wellbeing. In fact, my journal is like my own personal life-bible and I do not know how I would cope without it. That’s why I put together this ultimate guide to journaling for mental health - so that I can share everything I’ve learnt on my mental health journaling journey so far with you guys and hopefully spark some positivity for you too. Read more today.

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How to Self-Soothe

How to Self-Soothe Self-soothing strategies help us cope with overwhelming and intense emotions. These techniques soothe the mind and body when in a state of distress, which can make them especially helpful for coping with mental health problems or mental illnesses, in particular Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) episodes. Self-soothing techniques are also helpful for anxiety… Continue reading How to Self-Soothe